Sunday, January 30, 2011


Hello Everyone!

Yes, it has been over a month. Ooops!

Well, Marna and I have been playing the "'re it!" blogger game. Hahaha!

Sigh. Our schedules still are kind of out of sorts. But we are working hard running our individual businesses, as well as Daddy's company, trying to take care of Daddy, do what we need to do in our personal lives and keep sane all at the same time. There are not enough hours in the day to complete all that needs to be done. What is a family suppose to do?

Anyway, here are some quick updates:
  1. Daddy did one more run the the ER a couple of weeks ago. He actually indicated that his chest was hurting and wanted us to call 911. Of course we did immediately. I remember requesting, if at all possible, they not turn on the sirens. Lol! I don't think our block could handle another James Armstead wake up call of fire trucks and ambulances. The doctors ran all sorts of tests and scans and found absolutely nothing wrong. They resolved to send him back home some hours later.
  2. The doctor lowered the dosage of some medications and two days later he became more alert. He actually started laughing one day! It was hilarious. He was truly tickled pink and could hardly stop. My mom and I were shocked! Since that time, he has laughed and chuckled several times at comments made or just observing us interacting with each other.
  3. He is not as feisty as he had been before, which is good. He is more mellow. Thank God!
  4. The diaper changing situation is so much better. We have a schedule and system that works. Yay! (finally) We even have become faster in the process. Amen!
  5. I still have the 3:00 AM schedule to help my mom change him. But we don't start his tube feeding until 7:00 AM now. The doctor wants us to try to get him back on a normal eating schedule.
  6. Marna has been giving him physical therapy while we play the insurance game waiting for professional therapy. She has been able to attach his hands to the trapeze bar above his hospital bed. We also play tug-of-war with a sheet we put big knots in. I massage his face and jaws each day with anointing oil. A few days later, he tried to open his mouth and speak. I must say, Miss Aleja (Nuk) can get him to try and speak anytime she pleases. (rolling eyes) She's his Sweet Little Baby Girl so he'll say anything for her. Lol! He also tried to repeat his ABC's with John (one of our CNA's).
  7. We are constantly checking his memory by informing him of when someone, whether it's a customer of his, family member, friend, etc. asks about his progress to see if he remembers who we are referring to. YES, he remembers all who have asked about him. Isn't that wonderful!?!
  8. He fusses and grunts at the television (that he can't see) when something disagrees with him. He has always liked listening to Christian debates on the radio. So when a show on Christian television comes on called Town Hall (or something of that nature) he wants everyone to be quiet so he can listen intently. As soon as they say something that is unbiblical or disagrees with him, you can hear his displeasure. Hahaha! That is when I say, "Daddy, you don't like what he said?" Then he quickly retorts back with his mouth closed, "Uh-uh!" while shaking his head. I have to laugh at him, and then silence myself, 'cause he still wants to hear without any interruptions. He is funny.
  9. The night before last, we were watching/listening to TBN ( links below). They had two men give their testimony of going to heaven and hell then being sent back to earth to tell the story. When the one told his testimony about heaven, I asked Daddy if he was familar with what the man described and did he experience the same things? Hmmm? Lets just say, James Armstead has MUCH to share with all of us!
Friday Jan 28, 2011 - Jan Crouch hosts Dwight Thompson, Bill Wiess, Don Piper, HLE Cast & Singers in Orlando, FL. - (Video: 56k  100k  300k)
So far, these are most of  the imporant updates I wanted to share with you. Please continue to pray for us and for our strength while continuing this labor or love for Daddy.


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