Sunday, December 5, 2010

What We've Been Doing So Far

It seems as if each time I have to apologize for not updating the blog sooner. I apologize. We have been so busy with taking care of Daddy.

First, I need to make you aware, that he did go back into the hospital Monday night, the week before Thanksgiving. Sigh. I returned from church that night only to arrive a block away from our home---seeing flashing lights. I slowly drove closer to our house thinking, "If I see our lights on and our gate open, I know this is for us." As I got closer, I saw a fireman run out of our door! "Oh God, what now!?!" I called my mom from my cell phone because I couldn't come any closer. The fire trucks were blocking the street. When my mom finally answered the phone, I just asked, "Do I EVEN want to know?" She called 911 because his breathing sounded funny and labored, which made her nervous.

I finally was able to park the car and get into the house. They had taken Daddy's vitals and everything appeared okay. They debated somewhat back and forth if they should take him. Finally, they asked Daddy and he nodded his head indicating he wanted to go the the hospital. Well, we agreed! If he wants to go, then please take him.

After taking various test in the ER, the doctors found out that Daddy, did in fact, have another heart attack! Yes, you read correctly! We were so distressed and somewhat shocked. I think that is when I resolved to really, truly, honest to God give all of this matter over to HIM. I thought I had, but somehow I picked up all the worry, care and concern again. I realize if I don't lay this whole situation at the Lord's alter, I will be a complete basket case! The enemy would just love for our family to completely lose our minds! God forbid!

Anyway, Daddy stayed there a little less than a week--five days to be exact, then he was back home that following Saturday. While he was in the hospital, we were not able to visit him everyday like we had before, which made us a little upset. But at the same time, we were pooped! None of us had the energy or mindset to do so. Taking care of Daddy at home had taken a toll on us. We were so exhausted and frustrated. Daddy was mean acting and irritable. And for someone who could not talk, he sure was able to say the phrases, "Shut-up!" "This is stupid!" "Leave me alone!" and the word "NO!" We were in amazement of the words he was able to express even though they were not nice. :-|

Anyway, he would fight us brushing his teeth, changing his diaper, wiping his face, etc. I mean everything we tried to do for him, was a fight! Goodness! Well, five days after his Seton Hospital stay, he seemed more mellow and cooperative. Not sure what all happened during his stay, but it obviously was good for him and us as well. Maybe God used that time to whip him into shape and give us a breather because when he arrived back home, we were ready for him--attitude and all! Hey ol' man, you're not gonna push us 'round! We still have to take care of  you. It's showdown time! Lol!
In the meantime, Thanksgiving was good. He prayed over and blessed our food even though he is not able to eat. We asked him if he wanted to pray and he nodded his head and mumbled a few words and moved his lips as we all stood around his bed holding hands. Good enough. 

Oh, I wanted to publicly thank Pastor Leversie Johnson and Ms. Ruth Jackson (Nicolas' grandma) for preparing our entire Thanksgiving dinner. Thank you, thank you and thank you again! We appreciate everyone who has, still is and will continue to do whatever the Lord places on your heart for our family. It will NEVER be forgotten. God bless you abundantly!

Well, tonight I massaged his hands and feet with a generic version of Icy-Hot and baby oil from my favorite 99 cent store. Lol! We have been waiting for approval from his insurance for hand braces or splints. This has been an ongoing battle. I took it upon myself to purchase braces from Walgreens and jerry-rig pieces to slide within to help keep his hands and fingers straight. If we continue to just wait for his insurance, Daddy will be a crinkled up ball! We shall see how it goes. So far, I was able to put the braces on his hands, which was quite a challenge because everything is so tight, sore and stiff. But we are hopeful.

It is getting late. I better get to bed. :-)


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