Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Pair of Extra Male Hands?

Okay. So far, everything is somewhat running smoothly. We are a bit tired, but trying to do our best. It has been a complete week since Daddy has come home. He is doing better in his therapy sessions and hopefully, they will continue if he is approved for more days. This all depends on his progress reports. The home care has really been great! We are able to work, etc. while he is taken care of  for about five hours a day.

But this is our dilemma: The diaper changing situation. Nicolas works and goes to school, so he is not always available during the hours we need him. My uncle, Pastor Jewell is not available during the weekends, but he has been able to help sometimes throughout the weekday. Unfortunately, sometimes Daddy has to wait to be changed because we don't have the help, which is NOT good.

My Plea: If there are any male family members and/or friends who are available to help roll Daddy back and forth (it takes about 20 minutes) while my mom changes him, it would be sooooooooooo appreciated and a stress off our minds. This is mostly needed in the evenings during the week before we all retire for bed and a few times of day during the weekend. If the Lord leads you, please contact my mom. Thank you. Bless you! :-D


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