Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Update! Finally

okay so we know we have lagged on the updated with my dad. I really didn't realize how many people were keeping up and reading this on a regular basis. For the last almost month we have been running back and forth still visiting my dad in the hospital. He has made it miraculously through this septic infection and is doing much better. In fact, they have just transferred him on Monday 8/9/2010 to a skilled nursing and rehab facility. Thankfully it's not too far away either maybe take us no more than 20 minutes to get to him (and its a WAAAAAAAY less stressful car trip than trying to go down town San Francisco everyday. But even then, God is good because the hospital they placed him was very close to us, and we managed to find parking less than a block away the ENTIRE TIME!
So now he is in a skilled nursing facility where the major point is going to be to get him physical, occupational, and speech therapy. We are waiting on the results of his evaluation and plan of action. I plan to sit in on some of his therapy sessions so I can see what they are doing. Overall we are pleased with the news facility, its very neat and clean and that staff is very nice. We've spoken to several people who were either patients themselves or had loved ones in the facility and they have nothing but good things to say about the place.
Also he is able to once again have visitors. For a time at the hospital we had to restrict the visitor for two reasons. #1, in the beginning of the infection (the worst part) he was very alert and the nursing staff were working hard to keep his vitals stable, because whenever anyone went in his heart rate, blood pressure etc, went hay wire and they wanted him to just be calm and get better. Then we had to worry about how contagious the infection was. We didn't want anyone to get anything and the doctors and nurses did not want to risk possibilities of corss contamination with patients especially when he was in ICU.
At any rate he is MUCH BETTER, so those of you that want to visit please contact us by cell phone (if you have it) or by email, or at work. Please call beforehand so we can verify where he is at. DO NOT ASSUME! So many of our family and friends have gone to the wrong places because they have moved him around so much. So PLEASE verify BEFORE you try to go and visit him. And we want him to have visitors, we want him to see everyone is concerned about him getting better, and it will lift his spirits.
I think that he has had ups and downs emotionally (to say the least) and to see people (even if he can't remember everyone all the time) will make him feel much better. I think the most best part of this whole thing (in addition of course to the MIRACLES) has to been to see and hear all the outpouring of concern for my dad.
For me (Marna) at times it has been very frustrating. I simply want my dad back to normal. And I have to fight and pray about being angry. Not at him or God even, but just that I want my daddy! I admit this of course because even thought I pray and believe, I am not superwoman (and my family are not superhumans) and there is a very real and human emotional side at times, but when I go though my moments, I take the time to come to myself and be grateful I have a God I can lean and depend on and THAT is the MOST IMPORTANT thing of all. After I've shed my tears or whatever I can come back strengthened through my prayer and the belief of the promises of God to MY FAMILY!

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